Course and lab overview

  • Course and lab intro


This is a list of exercises that can be used to assess the background required for this subject.

LAN Basics

  • Introduction to LAN

  • Ethernet

  • Repeaters and bridges

  • Ethernet evolution

  • Advanced features on Ethernet networks

Cabling and structured cabling

  • Introduction to cabling

  • NICs and cabling

Spanning tree

  • Spanning Tree

  • Rapid Spanning Tree

Additional LAN standards

  • QoS on LAN

  • Link Aggregation

  • IGMP Snooping

  • Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Beyond LANs and network design

  • Virtual LANs

  • Virtual LANs: Advanced Topics

  • Redundancy of the default gateway on LANs

  • Dissecting HSRP traffic (auto-learning)

  • LAN Design: mixing data-link and network layers

Data centers

  • Data centers topologies and architectures

  • InfiniBand and RDMA

  • Storage Area Networks

  • Content Delivery Networks

  • Load Balancers


  • Piero Nicoletti, Datacenter design and cabling

  • Enrico Venuto, La struttura di rete e datacenter del Politecnico (moved to next academic year)

Lab assignments

  • Preliminary information:

    • Introduction to Cisco Routers

    • Basic IP Routing Configuration on Cisco Routers

  • Introduction to the lab and GNS3

  • Lab 1: Filtering Database

  • Lab 2: Spanning Tree and Link Aggregation

  • Lab 3: VLAN Configuration

  • Lab 4: Fundamentals of Virtual Networking

Questions and exercises

  • Ethernet Standards

  • Data Link Traffic Forwarding

  • Spanning Tree

  • Virtual LANs

  • L2/L3 Network Design

  • Closed Answer Questions on Local Area Networks (with and without answers)